Data Safe - Keeping Your Data Bullet Proof!



Your data IS your business. Without your data, you have no business.

Insurance will cover the cost of new desks, new machines, new chairs, etc. But it will NOT cover the cost of replacing your data. In most cases lost data can not be replaced, your business is stalled, eventually your business is shut down.

Loss of data more often than not results in loss of all business. Terminal.



Data Safe does not use "The Cloud". We have our own private data servers and storage hardware.

Cloud hosting is placing data on broadly distributed systems. Your data is stored on multiple computers in multiple locations. Your data may be available for scrutiny by government and other authorities, or even by corporate interests. Your data is NOT totally private on any type of "Cloud Hosting".



Data Safe offers highly secured customised storage solutions for small to large business. We run multiple servers in multiple locations.

Your primary data storage is in one location on one personally managed data server and backed up to a secondary server in another location for added data security.

Both primary and secondary servers run their own internal backup to a separate rack of disks for an added level of data redundancy.

All data transmissions are fully encrypted and secured.

The storage area is on a bullet-proof fully secured data server using the latest security and antivirus software.



Most individual users and, indeed, companies find it too difficult to properly organise and remember to run their backup solution.

Or they have no backup solution.

Data Safe makes it easy to install simple software that runs your data backup to our secured data servers. We use our preferred software, SynBack, but you may choose your own. Once installed software can be set to run automatically daily at a set time, started with a hot-key combination or simply started from a desktop icon.



We also offer the service of fully managed data backups where we manually manage the daily data backup per user via a remote management console.

If a user forgets to run their backup, we either run it for them remotely or advise them via email to run their backup.

We check daily that every user under this plan has run their backup, ensuring that company data is safely stored out of the office, safe and sound.



We have a variety of storage plans to suit your needs.

Be it small storage for basic office data or very large storage for multi-media files, we have a storage plan to suit you.

All plans are custom tailored as per user needs to provide the most effective, efficient and lowest cost solutions.


Kimnet Data Safe - Keeping Your Valuable Data Safe - Data Security & Backup Services



  • Remote, out-of-office, storage locations for your data backups.

  • Simple easy to use software, run automated or manually.

  • Fully managed data backup solutions available.

  • Fully secured data storage servers.

  • No use of "cloud" storage.

  • Custom solutions as per your business and user needs.

  • Backup your IMAP or POP email and attached documents.

  • Access data via Android based mobile devices using an advanced file manager.



  • Relax knowing your data is backed up and safe.

  • Easy to use "restore" of data.

  • Optional automated data backup.

  • Personal attention to every single user.

  • Private customer support for all users.

  • Fully secured and encrypted data transmission and storage.

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere.



Contacts us now to personally discuss your data backup and storage needs at




Kimnet Data Safe - Keeping Your Valuable Data Safe - Data Security & Backup Services

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